Annual Report 2017 Annual Report - Page 9

Stewarding Multi-Source Federal Funds to Support Innovation in Graduate Medical Education The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) continues to recognize the great need for primary care doctors and right-venue healthcare. As a pioneering Teaching Health Center Graduate Medical Education (THCGME) consortium, The Wright Center serves as a steward of federal resources and encourages residents to actively serve the nation’s underserved patient population. The THCGME program has successfully ignited and leveraged clinical educational environments in numerous community-based venues across the country, and especially in northeast Pennsylvania, while delivering competent, public health-minded physician leaders. Reaffirming its investment in the nationally-significant THCGME initiative that began in 2011, HRSA awarded The Wright Center $17.1 million for the 2017-18 Fiscal Year. The Wright Center has been awarded $65.9 million in continued HRSA funding since the THCGME program began in 2011 and continues to lead local and federal advocacy efforts to promote resident training opportunities in community­-based settings to address America’s provider shortage, misdistribution and related health disparities. “National Family Medicine has come a long way in its first five years of existence to establish a record of excellence in training and outcomes,” Dr. Larry LeBeau, Program Director, said. “As of today, NFMR graduates have a 100 percent pass rate on The American Osteopathic Board of Family Physicians specialty board exam and 54 percent have gone on to practice in underserved settings. The program remains focused and committed to fulfilling our mission of primary care workforce expansion with a special emphasis on meeting the needs of underserved populations.” We continue to develop collaborative learning opportunities within our National Family Medicine Residency. In its second year, The El Rio/Wright Center Virtual Health Research Fair was a perfect example of these efforts, as learners shared their Community-Oriented Primary Care research with attendees across the country who dialed in for the event. 27: 7 Countries represented by our current trainees Center 680: Wright graduates to date Resident board 98.4 % : pass rate (all programs) HRSA federal funding $ 65.9 m : in received since 2011 120+: Volunteer faculty members 7,810: Residency/fellowship applications received residents matched into fellowship positions in critical care, cardiology, nephrology and infectious disease specialties 8: Third-year the recent graduating class of Teaching Health National Family Medicine residents 72 % : of Center-funded chose to practice in a medically underserved area