Annual Report 2017 Annual Report - Page 7

5 Community-Based Primary Care Residencies and Specialty Fellowships for Sustainable Physician Renewal The Wright Center’s Internal Medicine, Family Medicine and Psychiatry Residencies, as well as our Cardiology Fellowship, were designed to empower residents as innovators and nimble leaders responsive to the needs of the community they serve. Within our non-profit Graduate Medical Education Safety-Net Consortium, our trainees are immersed in diverse community venues where they are most needed, increasing their long-term likelihood of working in such settings after completing their training. Our training model follows the national Beyond Flexner movement, focused on training community- minded health professionals as agents of more equitable healthcare. Our regional residents and fellows train within Luzerne, Lackawanna, Wayne and Pike counties and our National Family Medicine Residency (NFMR) learners train at 1 of 5 Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) partner sites across the United States. Under our innovative consortium model, the NFMR learners are supported by The Wright Center, the educational infrastructure of A.T. Still University School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona and the osteopathic training support of Still OPTI. Dr. Meaghan Ruddy was selected as the Director of Medical Education in December 2017 to lead this unique and pioneering program. Plans are in place to expand the NFMR training model as funding becomes available in the future. This past summer, our largest class to date — 63 residents and two fellows — completed their training with us. Of the 18 NFMR physician graduates, 13 confirmed employment in community-based health systems, committing to practicing in underserved areas across the country. Of the 47 physicians who completed their residency training in northeast Pennsylvania, a total of eight confirmed employment within northeast Pennsylvania. In June 2017, we welcomed 65 interns into The Wright Center’s program for a total of 185 residents/fellows across all regional and national programs: 4 PSYCHIATRY RESIDENTS 9 CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE FELLOWS 34 FAMILY MEDICINE RESIDENTS (REGIONAL) 48 FAMILY MEDICINE RESIDENTS (NATIONAL) 90 INTERNAL MEDICINE RESIDENTS We continue to work closely with Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine to foster a pipeline of physicians committed to serving our region. In 2017, we engaged two Geisinger Commonwealth doctors into our residency programs, including Dr. Alex Slaby and Dr. Graham Yeager. Dr. Graham Yeager, first year internal medicine resident, is certain he wants to spend his days practicing in the community he knows so well. The son of a physician and registered nurse, Dr. Yeager is a graduate of the University of Scranton and Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine and he’s confident he wants to follow in his father’s footsteps. His father believes his son’s personal life plan exemplifies the spirit v6VBFFRf&FbvB2rFRw&v@6VFW"( ĒfR&VVffVBFV6rBVF&pFR&W6FVG2g&FR&Vvrb67&FFVP( FRFV66F7FB&7F6R&vBW&R'FV7BV7f&W6FV7&w&BG27V'6WVVBG&6FFFPv2WfW"V6FV'BF&VvWBגƖfR2F22FR6Rw&vB6VFW"( G"V'2VvW"fVFVW"f7VGrFR&W7BFRVRvrBFR7VGW&RFBfVV7@6B( bF6RvG&VBW&RB&V6f'F&RvFF22FRǒ6R( fRWfW"6VBR( АW&R&RrW"66VFW'2FRVF6E"u$TtU 6VGFFFBw&266VF2Fd%5BT"DU$TD4R$U4DT@2fW'w&FgrFR2fFW"B266( ХVgr6VFW0F&VvW"w&GVFPVF6VGV6F6fWGФWB66'FVFVF&VvW"fFfRw&GVFRVF6VGV6F6fWGWB66'FVFV6VG7FVFW'2&W6W&6W0B76WG2ƖvF6V7FfVǒFG&W70fVFFVF6&R77VW2'Gf6p66WF2vFFƖ6F2&VvǒW"7G&rffƖF2vF6vVFVF77FVFRR2FW'FVBbfWFW&2ff'2@vV6vW"2vV2VFR&VvV&rVf&VG26VFrFW&Bf֖ǒVF6W'f6W2Rf֖ǐVF6VFW"'W&VF6'&F67&F6V6VƖr6VFW"67&F&'VF6&R6VFW"BvPV&6VGVF6VFW"pW2F&fFRFfW'6RfFfRV&pVf&VG2f"G&VW2FR7G&VwFbFRG&r'FW'62v2gW'FW FV7G&FVB27V66W76gV4tP6Ɩ6V&rVf&VB&WfWr4U"f6Bv27FVBBvV6vW"6VGVF66VFW"FRfb#rW"Ff֖ǒVF6R&W6FV7V&W'2G&BFRfvre0'FW"6FW27&72FR6VG'V&6VGVF6VFW"GV76VFBV'W&tVF6W&6PbWr&6BVGVF6&Rv6wFB2Bf&vv&6V&VF6VFW"'FB"