Annual Report 2017 Annual Report - Page 6

Graduate Medical Education By partnering with like-minded organizations, we have created a comprehensive network of learning environments throughout northeast Pennsylvania and across the United States. We are a well-respected pipeline for recruiting and retaining compassionate, competent physicians with relevant, 21st century skill sets and the desire to serve their patients and their community. 72 % Of our most recent graduating class of Teaching Health Center-funded National Family Medicine residents, 72 percent chose to practice in a medically underserved area with many signing on in the early stages of their residency. In fact, five of our second-year National Family Medicine residents in Washington, D.C. — Dr. Nickia King, Dr. Estevan Rivas, Dr. Hannah Herman, Dr. Tiffany Garrett and Dr. Rachel Gougian — have already signed contracts with Unity Health Care to continue working within the Community Health Center in which they trained after they graduate in 2019.