Annual Report 2017 Annual Report - Page 5

3 environments has proven successful in many ways over the past year — some anticipated and some surprising. Our trainees’ immersion into community-based, primary care safety-net settings advances achievement of Dr. Thomas Nasca et al.’s vision of Community Health and Academic Medicine Partnerships (CHAMPs) by mitigating patients’ barriers to comprehensive primary care that are particularly prevalent in rural settings. Our graduates’ practice pattern outcomes provide testimony of a healthcare workforce prepared and committed to addressing unique health needs within underserved communities where their talents and passion to serve are needed most. In response to America’s well documented opioid crisis, our organization has instinctively focused on how to better care for our communities’ patients and families who are battling addiction. Most of our providers have become certified this year in Medication Assisted Therapy for Opiate Dependence and three of our primary care faculty, Dr. Jignesh Sheth, Dr. Jumee Barooah and I, successfully achieved Board Certification in Addiction Medicine. The significant organizational and personal learning in the realm of addiction and recovery — a byproduct of our 2016 designation as a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Opioid Use Disorder Center of Excellence (COE) — has generated amazing enhancement of our collective mission delivery abilities. Our COE team of case managers, certified recovery specialists, mental health practitioners, nurses, medical assistants, staff, primary care faculty and residents have touched the lives of nearly 200 patients this year with well more than half in sustained recovery. We continue to collaborate with community partners and both local- and state-level representatives to develop and activate real-time solutions to address the opioid epidemic in our communities. All of this work in the domains of behavioral health and addiction services integration has force multiplied the humbling impact of our newly launched, fully accredited Psychiatry Residency. Responsively, we solidified our plans this year to deepen our comprehensive primary care services and workforce development presence in Luzerne County through development of two new Wright Center for Primary Care locations in the established family medicine practice of Dr. Joseph Anistranski and a new medical home facility within Children’s Service Center’s new outpatient building. We look forward to rapid mission delivery expansion in these venues as we integrate primary care residency training and expansion of our Opioid Use Disorder COE during the 2018/2019 academic year. As proud as we are of our responsive development and expansion of our behavioral health and addiction service lines and our continued undeniable accomplishments within our Ryan White and Hepatitis C services, we are extremely proud to have made enormous strides in our long-range vision to successfully address our national HIV, Opioid and Hepatitis C debacles through aggressive education for prevention through the growth of our youth services department. Our new School- Based Health Center in West Scranton — which is open to the greater Scranton community — is the platform for this long-range disciplined investment in the public health of our regional community. This school-based hub also provides a robust foundation for dental hygiene prevention services, while we grow our restorative dental services at our Mid Valley Clinic and continue our public health advocacy for statewide water fluoridation. Respective of our governing boards’ mission-driven strategic directives and under the mentorship of Entrepreneurial Operating System Expert Hank O’Donnell, our executive leadership team took on the task this year of defining our ten-, three- and one- year organizational vision and goals. These high-level organizational goals cascade to each branch of The Wright Center, inspiring refined clarity of all employees’, providers’ and trainees’ daily mission-driven priorities. Each step forward provides opportunity to promote our short-term ambitions, while in deliberate, relentless pursuit of our ten-year target. Articulating our collective long-range goals and deliberately integrating them into our daily organizational to-do list has been an immense task full of introspection, teamwork and belief in ourselves and one another. The shared purpose of our noble mission connects us. Though intimidating at times, our overarching goals and daily work in pursuit of them have allowed our collective accomplishments to shine brightly through as highlighted in this annual report. It