Annual Report 2017 Annual Report - Page 17

15 Recognizing Our Learners and Employees as Our Greatest Resource The diligence of our human resources department and recruitment team has provided The Wright Center with outstanding fellows, residents, providers, clinical staff and administrative professionals profoundly dedicated to our mission. Notably, many of our graduates have advanced their careers within The Wright Center, as administrative or clinical leaders, physician/faculty or board members, including Dr. Rajiv Bansal, a 2011 Wright Center graduate. We are proud to promote the professional growth of our team through continued investment in our people. Our 2017 highlights included: 341 total employees “My journey with The Wright Center is approaching a decade,” Dr. Bansal said. “I began as a resident, transitioned to faculty and now I serve as the acting program director of the Allopathic Internal Medicine residency. It has been a great journey filled with learning, growing and developing both personally and professionally. I feel immensely proud being part of The Wright Center and strongly believe in its mission and core values.” 185 residents and fellows 13 internal career advancements 50 new positions created Driving Improvements in Education and Patient Care We recognize the power of harnessing learner and team member ideas to find solutions to everyday challenges large and small. Through our organizational “Plan. Do. Study. Act.” (PDSA) tracker, we continue to cultivate an “idea pool” where everyone within our organization is enabled and expected to contribute to a learning culture through stackable, deliberate and constructive improvements. spread their knowledge to other team members and even across partnering organizati 2E42&R&VWfBFW"6Ɩ6BF֖7G&FfR7FfbF27@V"FR6Ɩ6Vf&VBW"&ƖrB6FrFVЧ6WBWBF&fR5B6Fr6WFVB'f7VG@&fFW'2w&vB6VFW"f"&'6&RfVVW2F66Ɨ6F2FWv&VBFFVvFFR6V6F2FW'FVB&W6FVG0B&fFW'2F7&VFR5B6FR6W@Ff"&fFW'2F&VfW&V6R2FWG&VB@tU$R5$TDTB%&FVG22&W7VBbFR&6W72&fVV@U"DTT$U%0&V7B&Ɩr667FV7FV7&V6VB'W&6VBऔ#pss@vV77VR"6VvR&6W2vFFVV&W.( 2Fǒv&&FW"F6ǐ66WFrFRVff6V7FWfVrv&&VB"&V6֖rg'W7G&FVBFRE477FV&fFW2'GVGFvFW"WBFW7BFVV7W&RG27BBFWFW&֖Pv2F7&VBFR&fVVBF&VvW@FW'FVG2"&6W76W2FR&VWGbFRE477FVЦƖW2FRf7BFBF6RvV6VFW"FR6VvW2&R7@ƖVǒFRW2vfRFR6vBFrF6fRFVW FVV&W'2&RVvW&VBFF6B&RV6W&vVBFE407BF֖7G&FfRE4FG&W76VBVV6W76'vW2FUw&vD6VFW"&rFW6RvW26vf6Fǐ6vVBFR6FRBFRBgFW"&VGV6rFRV&W"bG&V&PvW2g&SFvV'6FRBFR&fVB'cW&6VBFVV&W'2VvvR6E42W"V"vV&vRf&&Ɨ227W'&VFǐFRf&FFV6w7W'@BFVV6V6F2vW"@FRw&vB6VFW"f&&Ɨ2&Vv06&VW"BFRw&vB6VFW"&6#FFVG'B2V&VBfW &F2F&VvWBFR7B6WfV৖V'2Rv2&FVBFf&FFV6v7B#"f&FFV6w7V6Ɨ7B#BB6V 77FV2BFVV6V6F07W'B7V6Ɨ7B#b&Vf&RFp27W'&VB&R( Ğ( fr6WFW"f"F7F"v0FVvrFW6RFB6WFW"FVG&VBFVG2( f&&Ɨ26B( FpFB( VrW"FVG2vWBFR6&PFWVVB2&Vǒw&VBfVVƖr( ФB^( 27Frf'v&BFv@FRgWGW&RfR7F&Rf"( ĒfRvBFBFRw&vB6VFW BfR6֖rFv&( f&&Ɨ26B( Ğ( fR&VVW&RFFWB@( fRWfW"7BFR76fRf v&rW&R7GVǒfVVƖRא762w&vr( W6FVBF6VPvB6VvW2( &RFr2vPVBF6WfW&Wr&V7G2(