Annual Report 2017 Annual Report - Page 12

10 P AT I E N T C A R E A Commitment to Primary Care - Behavioral Health Integration, Resilience and Recovery Our physicians and extenders take into account all aspects of a patient’s health, including possible mental/behavioral healthcare needs or addiction to provide comprehensive, patient-centered care. In October 2017, President Trump declared a public health emergency and identified the opioid epidemic as the “worst drug crisis in American history.” Answering the call made by the U.S. Surgeon General, all of our residents, fellows and faculty have signed a pledge of “prevention, treatment and intervention” to combat our undeniable opioid crisis. As one of 51 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Opioid Use Disorder Centers of Excellence (COEs) designated in late 2016, we solidified our team and processes throughout 2017, our first full operational year. where addiction is present, the man’s family disassociated themselves from the situation. But the man wanted to change and Walsh visited the man’s apartment to assess his living environment. “He was very motivated, but also very restricted,” Walsh said. “I made sure he would get the food he needed, arrange public transportation, and, sometimes, I would even drive him home. We had an established trust in one another.” Through Walsh’s help, the man was not only able to receive successful treatment for his addiction and lose weight, but also reestablished contact with his estranged son. After a year of treatment, the man decided to relocate to Denver, Colorado to spend the rest of his days living with his son and family. Through the COE initiative, we have focused on expanding access to medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and establishing necessary social supports for those “When people leave the program, it’s like closing a bad chapter in life in recovery. We encouraged our team members and moving into a whole new chapter where they ultimately see the joy to attain their MAT certification and have bui Ё)٥%ӊéѼ͕ͽݡ݅́ͼ͍ѕɽ)ѕ͔̰ѥɕٕ̰)ͽݽɭ́Ʌѥٔɽͥ́Ѽ)ѡȁ䁵ѡɕѥt$]1M M59H)ɽ٥ѥݡͽиٕѠ)Ѽɕٕ䁥́ͽȁ͔̰)%ܰɔѡ٥Յ́ݕɔѼɔ)]͠ɔɕͽɍȁѥ́ѡɽ՝ͽѡȁ)ɕݥѡȁɽɅQѽɥ́ɕٕ䰁ɕͥ)ѥ̰Ёͼѡɽ՝ͽѡЁɥ]͠)مєѡЁѡ =ͥѥQ)ݽɭݥѠȁѱݡЁ啅́ɍɅѕ)]ɥЁ ѕȁ́ɔչѡɽ՝ѡ ݕѠ)݅́ݥѠյȁͥͅѥ̰хѠ)AمѼѥՔѡ́ݽɬѡɽ՝)Օ̰՝́Ʌхѥ́䁍͕(ܰ)ѥ͕ٕ́(̰)ѥЁ٥̨ͥ(Ȱ)٥ɅѠ)٥ͥ()ɥ䁍ɔͥ́ɐ)ѥѥ(=ȁͥ́ɔȁѥ́ݥѡQ]ɥЁ ѕˊḛ́́ݕ́х̰͍̰̰ͥ́ѡȁչٕՕ̸()ɽ٥́х)5Pѥѥ