Annual Report 2016 - Page 8

FOUNDATIONAL AREAS OF FOCUS In order to achieve the overarching priority of improved community prosperity before 2030, Polk County will have: EDUCATION A world-class, fully integrated education system that supports the needs of a vibrant, progressive community. GOVERNMENT A comprehensive system of government that is effective, efficient, diverse and responsive to the basic needs of its citizens. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT An economic development environment that attracts quality businesses with higher paying jobs, improves productivity and retains educated young people. QUALITY OF LIFE A quality of life that encourages diverse backgrounds to live in harmony while developing physically, spiritually, mentally and culturally within a healthy and safe environment. CIVIC ENGAGEMENT Private sector leadership that drives the partnership with government and citizens to ensure that Polk County is a premiere place to live, learn, work and play. INFRASTRUCTURE Growth management and infrastructure that protects the environment, enhances quality of life, supports education and economic development and is economically sustainable. LONG-TERM OUTCOMES 8 Each Alignment Team creates a Tactical Plan that begins with one or more of the Long Term Outcomes listed below and ties back to a Foundational Area of Focus. The Teams work backwards from the selected long-term outcome(s) to create mid and short term outcomes and design tactics that best align community resources. This process ensures that multiple approaches are considered. For example, the Literacy Team links their work in K - 5 childhood education to increasing high school graduation rates — demonstrating the importance of collective impact when addressing complex issues. INCREASE INCREASE HEALTHY COMMUNITY ENGAGED HIGH SCHOOL COLLEGE COMMUNITIES PROSPERITY CITIZENS GRADUATION & CAREER RATE READINESS