Annual Report 2016 - Page 6

Organizational Structure Polk Vision is governed by a Board of Directors which oversees the Operating Board in its leadership of Teams working collaboratively on a range of complex issues in six foundational areas of focus. BOARD OF DIRECTORS (Governance) OPERATING BOARD (Strategic Operations) POLK VISION’S PRINCIPLES These principles ensure our work is targeting systemic change or new ways of aligning resources to address underlying causes. Systemic change occurs when an outcome or goal has been attained. This achievement is either through the elimination of the problem or through permanently aligning programs, policies, funding streams or services to reduce the impact of the problem on a long term basis. Polk Vision strives to: β€’ Align and engage all stakeholders throughout the county with strategies in six foundational areas of focus: Education, Economic Development, Infrastructure, Government, Quality of Life and Civic Engagement. β€’ Cultivate an environment of mutual trust and collaboration while working with transparency and a high level of accountability. β€’ Unify initiatives across the coun ΡδΡ‘ɽ՝ „½΅ΑΙ•‘•ΉΝ₯Ω”°½±±…‰½Ι…Ρ₯Ω”°)΅Υ±Ρ€΅™…•Ρ•ΑΙ½•Ν́ё…Ё₯́ɕ½Ή₯镐…́•Ή•Ι…Ρ₯½Ή…°μΙ•ΕΥ₯Ι₯ΉœΝ₯Ή₯™₯…ΉΠ)Ρ₯΅”ΡΌ…‘₯•Ω”‘…Ή”…Ή΅…α₯΅Υ΄₯΅Α…ΠΈ(Ψ((0