Annual Report 2016 - Page 25

LEADERSHIP POLK ALUMNI TEAM Pam Craven, Ph.D., Chair, Class II Donna Sheehan, Immediate Past Chair, Class IV Sara Roberts, Polk Vision Executive Director, Class VI Linda Pilkington, Vice Chair, Class I Deena Ware, Secretary, Class IV John Bohde, Treasurer, Class VI Cindy Price, Program and Events Chair, Class IV Lori Martini, Membership, Class VI Sarah Case, At Large, Class V Stacy Butterfield, At Large, Class III above First Annual Leadership Polk Alumni Class Day left Leadership Polk Alumni Event Patricia Jones, At Large, Class VI Alan Rayl, At Large, Class VII Ed Lunz, At Large, Class IV Dan Fowler, At Large, Class V LEADERSHIP POLK ALUMNI Leadership Polk Alumni is committed to connecting and engaging alumni for the advancement of Polk County through learning opportunities, potential service projects and social events. Alumni members are encouraged to uphold the purpose of Polk Vision and through their actions have a positive impact on the economic health, leadership and quality of life in the community. “Leadership Polk is about creating and building relationships with other leaders in the region, immersing yourself in Polk County’s unique assets, and learning more about yourself, your peers and the place we all call home. In a nutshell, Leadership Polk is about each of us and how we can work collaboratively to engage and grow as we enhance Polk County and its future.” – Donna Sheehan, City of Winter Haven, Class IV “Leadership Polk’s program takes a holistic look at all the municipalities, assets and challenges facing our beloved county. My classmates were a crucial part of the experience as we came away with new friends and a better understanding of the power of collaboration.” – Callie Neslund, Mosaic, Class VII 25