Annual Report 2016 - Page 24

CIVIC ENGAGEMENT Vision Before 2030, Polk County will have leadership that drives the partnership with government and citizens to ensure that Polk County is a premier place to live, learn, work and play. Leadership Polk Class IX LEADERSHIP POLK Leadership Polk is a Polk Vision program started in 2007 that brings together current and emerging leaders from across Polk County to develop a diverse network of resourceful, informed and proactive leaders who will contribute to building a more vibrant community. Leadership Polk Class I graduated in May 2008 and Leadership Polk Class X will convene in August 2016. The ten-month program immerses participants in an inspiring and enlightening curriculum that examines critical issues that impact Polk County. Leadership Polk is topically relevant, dynamic, and exposes participants to a broad range of perspectives through location tours, facilitated conversation and experiential learning. LEADERSHIP POLK QUICK FACTS • 243 participants have graduated program • 12 of the 17 municipalities have been represented • 20 business categories have been represented • 13% of participants represent a diverse group of minority population • 44% of program participants have been female “As an active Polk County resident since 1998, I was unsure of what “new” information or experiences would come from joining a Leadership Polk class. I can now attest that the “journey” exceeded my wildest expectations after being immersed in a great variety of wonderfully planned day trips. My eyes have now been opened to the special variety of services, communities and most importantly - people - that reside and serve with us in our Polk County home.” – Phil Wegman, Furr and Wegman , Class VIII 24 “For me, the Leadership Polk experience was about two things – building awareness of challenges and successes across the county and building relationships with leaders that I would otherwise never have the opportunity to meet. It is the one organization that brings concerned people together from every part of the county to begin meaningful conversations that lead to making Polk County a better place.” – Jerry Miller, Government and Community Relations Manager, Duke Energy, Class I