Annual Report 2016 - Page 23

WORKSITE WELLNESS LEAD TEAM Doc tor: WORKSITE WELLNESS Date: BMI % Eat at least 5 fruits and vege tables. Reduce scree n time to 2 ho urs or less. Get 1 hour of physical activ ity. Consume 0 su gary drinks. (choose one Age you would like to work on firs t) at _____ fruits and vegetables each day. educe screen time to _____ minutes per da y. et _____ minu tes of physica l activity each da y. mit sugary dri nks to _____ per day. Sample 5-2-1-0 Prescription Pad for Physicians Overarching Team Strategy: Improve the quality of life through the utilization of accessible, high quality, comprehensive, prevention-based community health services designed to promote total well being. Kelly Andrews, Florida Southern College Liz Antaya, Stahl & Associates Insurance The Worksite Wellness Team works to expand existing and establish new Worksite Wellness programs in area businesses. With leadership and resources provided through Polk Wellness Professionals, these programs offer unique opportunities for promoting healthy behaviors and preventing health problems. Americans spend the majority of their waking hours in the workplace, so the work environment and business productivity are strongly linked to employee health. Bethany Brown, Lakeland Regional Health The Worksite Wellness Team encourages business to adopt evidence-based programs designed to support employees as they adopt and sustain behaviors that reduce health risks, improve quality of life, enhance personal effectiveness, and benefit the employer’s financial success. Karen Moore, Peace River Center Juli Davis, Florida Department of Health in Polk County Daniel Haight, M.D., Lakeland Regional Health Schatzie Haines, Lanier Upshaw Allison Kennedy, Public Health Institute Colleen Mangan, Florida Department of Health in Polk County Leah Millette, BayCare Health System Belinda Rieger, Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center Michelle Shiver, Citizen CPR, Inc. Laurel Smith, Polk State College Stevie Sweet, Florida Department of Health in Polk County Debbie Zimmerman, Polk County BoCC SCHOOL HEALTH LEAD TEAM Pledged to implement preventative practices that will aid in decreasing obesity rates among school age children, the School Health Team is currently in the planning stages for a program they intend to pilot in 5 Polk County Public Schools. The program is based on the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model which was developed by ASCD and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), to establish greater alignment, integration, and collaboration between health and education across the school setting. This means aligning and integrating not just policies, but processes and practices that provide for long-term student success. SCHOOL HEALTH Tammy Durden, Florida Departm [وX[[“Z[H] ]HوZ[[]^H[QQT’[HXޛX\K[BXX]Y^H[^K[H‘XY[HۚY Z[[Y[ۘ[X[YY[X\K]Hو[\][Y[X[[ܚYB\\Y[وX[[[B[YHXYK[H‚\HۙHوH[[ۜ\و\ۙ[΂\X[X]]H[]][ۋYHوH\Y\\B\ۙ[[Y\[YH]][ۈYX][ۂ܈Y[[[Z[Y\\\܈\Z]˜[Y]X\[YHۋX[\\X[]Y\][B\X[X]]HY]H^H[^[ۙ ]\[[\[[[&\’][YH]\]Y[ܚY [BXX‚‚