Annual Report 2016 - Page 21

School Age 3 YEAR • Fitnessgram Assessments implemented and conducted in all Polk Schools HIGHLIGHTS • Established 90 School Based Wellness Councils • Worked with the school district to implement health education into the BUILDING A HEALTHIER POLK high school curriculum. The HOPE course (Health Opportunities through Physical Education) was implemented in all high schools and is a graduation requirement. • 5-2-1-0 Campaign: The Polk County School Board created a proclamation to support 5-2-1-0 education throughout schools. Strategy members assisted with the implementation of messaging in cafeterias, education in health and physical education curriculum, and outreach to parents. A comprehensive 3 year report has been compiled and published detailing the work of the Building a Healthier Polk initiative. Community Based • Three local governments, Polk County, the City of Winter Haven and the City of Lakeland, were recognized as Healthiest Weight Community Champions. • Three communities established free opportunities for physical activity for residents • Hosted a 2-day Health Impact Assessment workshop attended by a number of local planners, public health and other government officials. Attendees learned how to include health as one of the assessment criteria for community projects. Primary Care Physician • Surveyed 353 Primary Care Providers to determine if patients were counseled on Body Mass Index (BMI.) • Conducted 28 interviews of primary care providers to assess provider’s challenges addressing obesity, perceptions of their patients’ attitudes towards weight discussions and the impact obesity has on patient care. • 24 pediatric providers participated in the 5-2-1-0 prescription project. Between March 1 & August 31, 2015 a total of 339 prescriptions were issued identifying a total of 383 commitments. Worksite Wellness • Surveyed 87 businesses across Polk County to collect information on wellness programming. • 45 businesses requested assistance from this strategy throughout the 3 year initiative. • 36 new wellness initiatives have been implemented in Polk County. For the complete report and full listing of the 90 member Building a Healthier Polk Team visit Higher Education • Three Polk County Institutions of Higher Education have collaborated to improve wellness offerings to stude ۈZ\[\\\˂(HۙH[]\]H\X\Y]ۈ[\[Z]YH\YۈB[Y[Hو\[]X]]KB