Annual Report 2016 - Page 17

INTERNET QUICK FACTS One minute on the internet... 640 TB $203,596 D ATA T R A N S F E R R E D 1.7 MILLION SMART COMMUNITIES POLK 38,052 SALES ON AMAZON 2.78 MILLION PHOTOS LIKED ON HOURS OF MUSIC VIDEO CLIPS VIEWED I N S TAG R A M L I S T E N E D T O O N PA N D O R A ON YOUTUBE Vision All of Polk County will have high speed, affordable internet access by 2030. Tina Barrios, Polk County Public Schools Cliff Bennett, Polk State College Naomi Boyer, Ph.D., Polk State College Terry Brigman, City of Lakeland There are 3.26 billion internet users as of December 2015; that’s over 40% of the world population. By 2017, there will be more internet traffic than all prior internet years combined. Source: As of now, there are 13.4 billion “things” or devices connected to the Internet. By 2020, this is expected to go up to a massive 38.5 billion. SMART COMMUNITIES POLK LEAD TEAM Smart Communities Broadband Summit, February 2016 Broadband is high speed internet access that facilitates many critical activities, from online classes and research for students to managing household finances. It allows for small businesses to compete in a global marketplace and supports research and training opportunities at our schools, colleges and universities. Broadband means better, faster, and more effective healthcare and safer streets and communities. Frank Canovaca, City of Bartow Teri-Anne Crawford, Polk County Tax Collector’s Office William DeWitt, Polk State College Tom Hull, Florida Polytechnic University Shauna Jones, Polk County Sherriff’s Office Elizabeth Kerns, Lakeland Regional Health Eric Labbe, City of Winter Haven Keith Merritt, City of Lakeland Theresa Nelson, Polk County Sherriff’s Office Hiep Nguyen, City of Winter Haven Nick Nicholas, DSM Gladys Roberts, Polk County Library Cooperative David Robinson, DSM Tom Rowles, Polk County Sherriff’s Office Chris Rudolph, Polk County Tax Collector’s Office Steve Sowards, Inland Fiber A Broadband Advisory Team, convened by Polk Vision and the Central Florida Regional Planning Council, produced a comprehensive Broadband Plan in 2013 that identified current areas of need and projected areas of broadband demand up to the year HY[X[KX[H[[YYX\[][]Y\۝[Y\]ܚ[YX][[Z[[˜[][]Hۜ[\\[H][[\ܝ[HوH؝\Y[]ܚ\ܝ[x&\XۛZXܛ[\]K]YY [[ܚYBY[ۘ[[[[[XHY\KT[\ [H\Y&\“ٙXB\ۈ[^K]HوZ[[Y[H‚'\Z[XHXۛZX][Y[ ܛ ܝ[]H[[ݘ][ۈ\H\[[ۂYܙXHYYY[\]X\ˈ[[\[ܙH[\ܝ[\Z[X[]H[HXXYX][ۈو\]\HXY\˸'B$\HYX[S]HوZ[[M‚