Annual Report 2016 - Page 15

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT LEAD TEAM Vision Before 2030, Polk County will have an economic development environment that attracts quality businesses with higher paying jobs, improves productivity and retains our youth. The Economic Development Team is committed to seeking adjustments to area economic development incentives to improve the balance between the needs of the Polk County community and the needs of companies making location and expansion decisions. The Team is actively engaged in formulating a tactical plan in aligning resources to: • Develop and maintain a competitively funded, forward-thinking economic development program that is focused on targeted sectors with high-skill, high-wage jobs. Rob Clancey, Bartow EDC Betsy Cleveland, Haines City Chamber of Commerce Steve Elias, Envisors • Develop a progressive countywide economic development image for internal and external marketing. Gene Fultz, City of Lake Wales Nicole Irby, BB&T Bank Cyndi Jantomaso, Haines City EDC • Create an environment that attracts and retains diverse talent. Cedric Joseph, BoCC Kevin Kieft, Lake Wales Chamber & EDC • Expand opportunities for tourism, sports, and cultural arts which make Polk County a destination of choice. Joe LaCascia, City of Polk City Bruce Lyon, Winter Haven EDC • Support regional and super-regional partnerships to advance Polk County’s economic development efforts. Sean Malott, Central Florida Development Council Jerry Miller, Duke Energy Amy Palmer, City و]X\[BSPT‚SPT‚[ܙX\HH]\YHX\[\؈[[X[]H]\]X\ IHXݙHH]HوܚYK\H\]Y[H[H[H]HوܚYB^XH[YHY[ܙ[H\\Y[ۈ[X[\\˂]\YH[X[Y\‚^XH[YH\\]B[X[H [[^KRܛܞHX]\Z[[[X\ق[Y\B[Y\]ۋ]HوZH[\“ZXY[ZKRK Z[[Y[ۘ[X[ B K ͌ ‚ K M‚  MBSB KM B B L BMIB[x&\˜\[]\YB[X[YH\ŒMIH\[H]H]\YK[[HH^XB[YH\\]H\ۛBMHوH]HY\K LMB ͋ M ԒQB\NܚYH\\Y[وXۛZXܝ[]B MB MBSB ԒQB MB MB HUB\NܚYH\\Y[و][YBMB