Annual Report 2016 - Page 38

LOOKING AHEAD T his College possesses a vast amount of data. We are uniquely positioned as the repository of information about every physician who holds a licence to practise in Ontario. Under the authority of the RHPA, we collect information about where and when they went to school; whether they’re keeping up with CPD requirements; when their last peer assessment was; how many complaints they’ve received; whether they’ve been the subject of an investigation or gone before the Discipline Com- mittee, and what the result was. But it’s one thing to collect a vast trove of data on doctors; it’s another thing to use that data to better serve our mandate to protect the public and support physicians in their continuing com- petence. Currently, we use our large Information 38 Technology systems to track the progress of dif- ferent cases as they make their way through the College’s processes. Over the past year, we have begun to lay the foundations for a more rigorous, principled approach to data collection and data analysis. Our new Data and Analytics Strategy Framework will allow us to organize the data that we collect and use on a regular basis and create a repository of clean and standardized data sets where we can answer the questions: “Who, What, When, Where, Why and What hap- pened?” about physicians, from their registration to retirement. We want to be able to use that in- formation to help us make better decisions about our programs and our work in general. The vision of the strategy is to develop quality data to inform decisions, support programs, improve practice and maintain physician and public trust. Let me provide an example to better illus- COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS OF ONTARIO Dr. Rocco Gerace, Registrar