Annual Report 2016 - Page 37

The College’s Public and Physician Advisory Services staff members include Paula Lewis, Michael Aube and supervisor Jill Weroski (seated). Top 5 questions members of the public ask us 1  “Can you help me find a new family physician or specialist?” 2  “How do I file a complaint about a doctor?” 3  “How long should it take for a doctor to provide a third party report or forward information from my medical record?” 4  “When is it appropriate to be charged for uninsured services?” 5  “I am unhappy with the service of a particular institution (i.e., hospital, nursing home, nursing service, etc.) What can I do?” Top 5 questions doctors ask us 1 “How do I close my practice?” 2  “How long must I maintain my medical records?” 3 “Am I required to make a mandatory report in this particular circumstance?” 4 “How do I maintain patient confidentiality in this particular circumstance?” 5 “Can you help me complete my annual renewal form?” ANNUAL REPORT 2016 37