Annual Report 2016 - Page 35

ENGAGING 715 Total # of Tweets in 2016 Top Tweet by Number of People Who Saw it: CPSO @cpso_ca Feb 26 2016 Passed! CPSO will now permit docs to prescribe #naloxone for opioid overdose emergency kits. Outreach by the Numbers 23 Member outreach meetings with the profession: Academies of Medicine, medical staff associations, Top Tweet by Likes and Shares: hospital rounds CPSO @cpso_ca Dec 12 2016 Our Council has approved a revised version of our #Marijuana for Medical Purposes policy. Learn more: 10 2016 Website Statistics WWW.CPSO.ON.CA +2.6 million visitors (2.2 million in 2015) +9.3 million visits (8.7 million in 2015) +51.6 million page views Public outreach events 9 Resident Education Sessions 15 Medical student engagements 27 Medical leadership, health (49.9 million in 2015) regulators, and other intra- Most Visited pages: 84 • The Public Register/Doc Search • The Homepage • Members’ login • Members Info Tab • Medical Records policy professional groups Total outreach meetings with key CPSO target audiences ANNUAL REPORT 2016 35