Annual Report 2016 - Page 32

ENGAGING Engaging People want and need to participate in the decisions that affect them. We believe that our processes are stronger, and our policies are better when people have a voice in those matters that impact them. S o how can we do things better? We believe the answer lies in tapping into the col- lective knowledge and wisdom of all our stakeholders – the public, the profession, the government and health-care organizations. For example, we believe that those people with the best insight about our complaints pro- cess are those who have firsthand experience of the process. In August 2016, we launched a real time feedback survey for all parties involved in public complaints to find out what they think we can do better. Complainants and those physicians who are in the complaints process can visit a web portal and complete a confidential survey about their level of satisfaction with the investigation process. This includes gauging satisfaction with: Speed of process Objectivity/neutrality of investigator  bility of investigator to understand the A issues and details of the concerns Developing Policy: Your Guidance Informs Our Guidance One of the College’s roles is to provide guid- ance to physicians on matters that relate to their practice. The development of relevant, reasonable policy is one of the ways that we provide this guidance. We work hard to ensure that our policies fulfill the College’s public interest mandate, and provide clear, useful guidance to the profession and public. Our robust process includes a pre- liminary consultation, a comprehensive research and jurisdiction review, and a thorough analysis of the issues and the relevant legislation. And then we set out to find out what you think of our proposed policy. Is it workable, practical and reasonable? If not, we want to hear about it. Our consultation process has been developed to ensure that we are inclusive, and can obtain feedback from everyone who has an interest in the subject matter.  egree to which the parties were kept D informed about the progress of the investigation  hether they felt their complaint was taken W seriously (complainants only)  hether the parties believe that clear W reasons are provided for the decision that was made. 32 COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS OF ONTARIO