Annual Report 2016 - Page 27

PROTECTING What Trends Are We Seeing in Investigations? Screening potential patients for admission into practices Infection control breaches Physician advertising concerns Diagnostic testing without clinical indication Care and record keeping in walk-in clinics Inappropriate narcotic prescribing Billing concerns Pathology and radiology practice concerns Information Published on the Register to Allow for Greater Transparency Published on the CPSO Register Cautions 33 SCERPs 56 Cautions and SCERPs (an individual may receive both outcomes) 16 Total Decisions 105 Remedial Agreements There were 110 Remedial Agreements (RAs) in 2016. The ICRC directs RAs in low risk cases where minor educational needs are identified, and where the Committee would like confirmation that the physician has addressed those needs. Fast Fact 33% of open investigations involved a physician with more than one active investigation. ANNUAL REPORT 2016 27