Annual Report 2016 - Page 24

Public member Ms. Lynne Cram and Dr. Anil Chopra, a Toronto emergency department physician, are members of the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee. W hen the College receives in- formation that raises possible concerns with a physician’s care or behaviour, we act quickly to investigate such concerns. There are three areas of a doctor’s practice that our investigations process covers – the three C’s: • Care • Conduct, and • Capacity Care is all about the clinical interactions with a doctor. Conduct speaks to a doctor’s behaviour while delivering ɔ) ́ѼѽˊéѼٕ)ɔᅵ́䁵ɕєѼՈ)х͔̰ͥȁх̸()=ݗeٔѡɕѡɕمЁɵ)ѥЁ́ɕ٥ݕ䁽ȁ%դ)ɥ̰ ́Í ѕL)% I Q% I ́ɥ͕Ѡѽ)́ѡՉQ д)ѕٕ͕́ՉЁٕѥѥ̰)ɽȁɅѥIɅˊe̤ٕѥѥ̰)եɥ́Ѽˊé)IɅˊéٕѥѥ́)ٕѥѥ́ɕ͵յ́ɽȴ)ѥѼՉ̸Q䁅ɔݕٕȰ)ѕɔɥєѡЁѥеɕѕ)̸IɅˊéٕѥѥ́Ց)ɕ٥܁ɅԁѥЁ́䁅)ѕɹ͕ͽȰѕ٥̰ѕ͕ل)ѥ%䁥ٕѥѥ́Ցمɥ)́ѕɹѠ͕͵̰ѕ٥̰)ɕ٥܁ɕɑ̸) =11=A!eM% %9L9MUI=9L==9QI%<)%ٕѥѥ