Annual Report 2016 - Page 22

PROTECTING Over the past two years, the College has made substantial improvements to our processes and practices to ensure that individual patients and the broader public are protected from sexual abuse by physicians. These include: We produced a video featuring College staff member Pam Greenberg, who provides support to patients. Enhancing Support of Patients and Access to Information  reating the What to Expect During Medical Encounters document for patients, which focuses C on patient rights and the duties and obligations that physicians owe their patients;  reating the brochure Reporting Sexual Abuse – Do You Think Your Doctor Crossed the Line?, C available in 11 languages, to help patients to understand why it’s important to report possible sexual abuse – and what patients can expect when they do;  reating a video for patients, introducing our victim support staff, the first point of contact at C the College for anyone thinking about making a sexual abuse complaint against an Ontario doctor;  Offering all witnesses who are likely to testify in a College discipline hearing with independent legal advice, where the testimony would relate to sexual misconduct by a physician. Improving Processes and Practices  eveloping a policy which sets out the circumstances in which the College may exercise our D discretion to share information with the police about physicians who may have committed a criminal act;  reating a specialized panel of the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee, which con- C siders submissions by College counsel seeking post-discipline referral penalty instructions and settlement proposals, to ensure validity and consistency;  eveloping a plan to improve and expand upon education and training for the profession, D medical trainees, College Council and Committee members on matters relating to sexual abuse of patients by physicians. 22 COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS OF ONTARIO