Annual Report 2016 - Page 17

Dr. Kerri Best, a family physician in Port Perry, is a peer assessor for the College. Harnessing College Data to Better Support Our Programs In 2016, we began looking at ways to harness our data to better support College programs and operations. A new Data and Analytics Strategy Framework was developed to provide the College with a data development roadmap for the next three to five years. The vision of our new Data and Analyt- ics Strategy is “Quality data to inform decisions, support programs, improve practice and maintain member and public trust.” For example, in the context of assuring and en- hancing physician competence, we would use data, as well as current literature and other evidence, to:  etter understand risk and support factors of B physician performance and practice outcomes I  dentify physician needs based on those risks and supports  evelop and evaluate our assessment pro- D grams for physicians  evelop and evaluate the education, support D and remediation of physicians Fast Fact As part of our Transparency Initiative, we began posting Specified Continuing Education or Reme- diation Programs (SCERPs) ordered by the Quality Assurance Committee on our public register. ANNUAL REPORT 2016 17