Annual Report 2016 - Page 16

Out-of-Hospital Premises (OHPs) Quality Management Partnership The Out-of-Hospital Premises Inspection Pro- gram (OHPIP) was created to regulate another subset of facilities, namely, out-of-hospital premises (OHPs) providing health services under specified types of anesthesia and sedation. The College is wholly responsible for this program, developing the standards and tools for assessment, making decisions about facility outcomes, enforcing these outcomes, and posting these outcomes on our public register. Currently there are 298 OHPs operating in Ontario, pro- viding services including, but not limited to, pain management, plastic surgery, and endoscopy. In 2016, the focus of this Partnership between the College and Cancer Care Ontario has been to identify clinical leads in facilities where colonos- copy, mammography and pathology services are provided. As champions of quality improvement, Facility Leads receive, review and discuss their facility quality management reports with their teams providing care. In 2016, 193 colonoscopy, 264 mammogra- phy, and 96 pathology facility quality manage- ment reports were distributed. Many of the leads reported they were useful tools that identified opportunities for improvement. Fast Fact Following an external consultation, a regulation was approved that would allow the College to enter and inspect premises where fertility services are performed. 16 COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS OF ONTARIO Dr. Tina Tao & Mr. Peter Pielsticker, a public member, are members of the Quality Assurance Committee.