Annual Report 2016 - Page 15

IMPROVING Facility Based Assessments Facilities Assessments Independent Health Facilities Outcomes Out-of-Hospital Premises Outcomes 1% 8% Fail Licensing Action Required by MOHLTC 171 IHF 288 14% Deferred 117 OHP 99% Satisfactory Assessment 40% 38% Pass Pass with Conditions TOTAL A significant proportion of medical procedures provided in Ontario are now occurring outside of hospitals. The College has played a lead role in both advocating for systems of quality and oversight in the out-of-hospital setting and in overseeing inspection and assessment programs. In May 2016, the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care endorsed recommendations made by Health Quality Ontario (HQO) in the report titled Building an Integrated System for Quality Oversight in Ontario’s Non-Hospital Medi- cal Clinics. Since the release of the HQO report, the Col- lege has continued to work with the Ministry on the recommendations put forward in the report, including the development of a singular quality oversight regime that will consolidate the Inde- pendent Health Facilities (IHF) and the Out-of- Hospital Premises (OHPs) inspection programs. Independent Health Facilities (IHFs) The Independent Health Facilities Act (IHFA) specifies that facilities are considered Indepen- dent Health Facilities, if they perform insured services and bill for a facility fee or if they fP&VVFVFfVB2b'FR֖7G'`VFBrFW&6&RVFW"FRdFR6VvRFWfV2FR7FF&G2BF2f 76W76VG2B6GV7G276W76VG2bg27W'&VFǒFW&R&R&FVǒsg0FVƗfW&r6W'f6W2F&6VFr'WB@Ɩ֗FVBFFv7F2vr6VWVF6RB66WF27W&VB7F27W&vW'f7Bf7@FWVFVBVFf6ƗFW2&R76W76VBRV"76PT$U%B#bP