Annual Report 2016 - Page 14

IMPROVING Peer Assessment Outcomes Pathway Assessment Outcomes 1,295 Physicians Assessed 422 Physicians Assessed 5% 2% Interview Re-Assessment 3% 3% Re-Assessment 93% 4% 8% Interview 2% Deferred Interview 92% Satisfactory Satisfactory RANDOM OVERALL 2% Other* Re-Assessment 87% Satisfactory AGE 70+ Pathway Assessments This evaluation focuses on learning what, if any, differences exist between practising physicians who achieved registration through alternative and traditional routes to registration. Physicians registered through alternative path- ways and policies are matched to physicians who have been registered through traditional routes to registration. Matching is based on gender, medi- cal specialty, practice experience and practice location. Up to 2,000 physicians are included in the evaluation. The assessments, which began in 2013, will be finished in 2017. *accept resignation, SCERP etc Fast Fact A Pan-Canadian Committee has been struck to discuss how evidence can be used to define factors of practice that support physician performance or that suggest a risk of poor performance. 14 Methadone Assessment Outcomes Satisfactory Assessment Re-Assessment or Interview 1st Year Assessment 72% 28% 3rd Year Assessment 75% 25% 5th Year Assessments 73% 27% Re-assessments 64% 36% COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS OF ONTARIO