Annual Report 2016 - Page 71

Annual Report 2016 Notes to the Financial Statements 16 Fixed Asset Investments Company Shares in Subsidiary Undertakings £’000 At 1 April 2015 and 31 March 2016 100,738 Shares in subsidiary undertakings are stated at their cost which is equal to net book value. As at 31 March 2016, the Company’s trading subsidiary undertakings, all of which are incorporated in the United Kingdom with the exception of Echo India Private Limited, which is incorporated in India and OnSite Utility Services Canada Limited, which is incorporated in Canada, and all of which have only ordinary shares in issue, were as follows: Direct Ordinary Company Name Shareholding Indirect Ordinary Shareholding South Staffordshire Water PLC 100% Aqua Direct Limited 100% Regulated water supply Supply of spring and mineral water Office Watercoolers Limited 90% Echo Managed Services Limited Nature of Business Rental of water cooling units and sale of spring water 100% Customer management Echo Northern Ireland Limited 100% Customer management Inter-Credit International Limited 100% Customer credit management Grosvenor Services Group Limited 100% Customer credit management Echo India Private Limited 100% Software development support services to UK parent company SSI Services (UK) Limited 100% Holding company for those companies listed below OnSite Central Limited Sewer and wastewater asset inspection, relining, surveying, cleaning and flow monitoring 100% OnSite Utility Services Canada Limited 100% Sewer and wastewater asset inspection, surveying and cleaning Perco Engineering Services Limited 100% Trenchless installation and refurbishment of pipeline networks OnSite Specialist Maintenance Limited Specialist infrastructure maintenance 100% Integrated Water Services Limited 100% Clean water asset installation, repair, maintenance and refurbishment, mechanical and electrical and water hygiene services Hydrosave UK Limited 100% Water main leak detection services and clean water network management services Hydrosave Pipeline Technologies Limited Non-destructive testing of clean water pipelines 100% Other subsidiaries of the Company as at 31 March 2016, which were all no ]Y[\[Y\\]]]K\H\΂͍H[\ۛY[[\X\[Z]YBܛݙ[܈Y[\X\[Z]YB[\\X\[Z]Y\]X][[Z]YB[ۈ]\[[\ۛY[[X[Y[Y[[Z]YB\Y\[\[Z]Yۜ[[[Z]YBUIH\X\[Z]YBX\][YHX[Y[Y[[Z]Y[XYH]\BU\[[H\X\[Z]YB]Yܙ\H[\X\H\X\[Z]Y]H۝XXX[\XZ[[[H[Z]YBU]\YY[H\X\[Z]YB]Yܙ\H]\[[Z]YXX[ۈ[Z]YB[\[Z]YBX\]XH][ۜ[Z]Y\]\\B۔]H]\ \]]\\X\B[]\X]Y[\X\[Z]YܙY[XܙH[\[\[\[Z]YBܝY[H[Z]YBYH[\ۛY[[\X\[Z]YBBB