Annual Report 2016 - Page 7

Annual Report 2016 Financial In the year ended 31 March 2016, the Group outperformed key financial targets including challenging budgets set for profitability, cash flow and net debt. This, along with year-on-year growth in all key measures of profitability, once again demonstrates the Group’s financial solidity. Employees The success of the Group and its businesses is due principally to its employees and we thank them for their continued support, dedication and their ability and willingness to adapt and respond to continuing change. were met or excee Y [ق\]\[ۜ]H[\Y[Z[[[][Y[قZ\[\YY\]H\X[\[\\\ۈ\[X\\˜[[\YYH][Y[ ]•Hܛ\\[Hۙ][ۂ۝[YH\ۙH[[Y[]ܞH[[Y\X[[\ۛY[ X^[Z\B]ܝ[]Y\[۝[YB[]\]]YXؚX]\˜[Hܝ[ۙ\\\˂HX[[Y]Hو\[B\و\[[[[\ܝ[H[]\X\[\ܝ]ۙ›XY\\ [Z]Y[ ܚ\[Y[Y[[Hۜ[Y\YH[\[\ܝ[\XBوH\[\[[Y™[\H][وHܛ\X[[Y]HZ[\ۙ\‚B