Annual Report 2016 - Page 66

Annual Report 2016 Notes to the Financial Statements 6 Other Operating Income 2016 2015 £'000 £’000 Profit on disposal of tangible fixed assets Rental income 1,117 566 262 776 1,683 1,038 7 Exceptional Items Included within Group operating profit for the year ended 31 March 2016 is a non-cash exceptional operating item of £3,581,000 (credit) relating to a reduction in the year in the book value of liabilities relating to a Group defined benefit pension scheme. This non-recurring item has arisen as a result of the cessation of future accrual of benefits within the scheme during the year. The item has been disclosed separately as exceptional due to its nonrecurring and significant nature. Also, during the year, the Group has sold the contractual rights to future rental income relating to a number of its sites. This sale has generated a profit of £4,590,000 which has also been disclosed in the profit and loss account as exceptional due to the non-recurring nature of the sale and the significance of the proceeds and the profit generated. It is considered that the disposal and the related profit is not of an operating nature and as X]\Y[XܙYY\\][ٚ] B[[H\\ ] BBBBL MB MBBBBBB\\]Y BBBBp&L B&L [\\^XXH[[Z[\\\¸ [^ [[YX \ BBBBB [^ [[YX ۋX\ BBBBB [\H[][ۈܝ ]\H[[[\[\\^XXH ] BBB ]]HX[Y[[\BBBB [[HX\\[\K\\\H۝XBBBB \YY[XXHX[\HBBBB BB B LBK BBBL K B BK BN  LN B[\\XZ]XB [\\ۈ[\[[\Z[BBBB L BB MJBBBBBL NBBL L\[[H[YH ] B Y[Y[Y][[ۈ[YH[\\BBBB [[[XXYHY[\\BBBBB M BBN B ̎JBN BBBBL LBLK N ‚