Annual Report 2016 - Page 60

Annual Report 2016 Notes to the Consolidated Cash Flow Statement For the year ended 31 March 2016 (a) Reconciliation of Operating Profit to Net Cash Inflow from Operating Activities 2016 2015 (as restated) £’000 £’000 £’000 £’000 Total operating profit 51,036 44,253 Depreciation 24,991 23,527 Amortisation of goodwill 4,328 3,729 Amortisation of capital contributions (2,283) (2,207) Defined benefit pension scheme current service cost (employer) — 1,723 Defined benefit pension scheme contributions (employer) (2,194) (4,556) Exceptional operating item - pension curtailment gain (3,581) — Profit on disposal of tangible fixed assets (1,117) (262) 20,144 21,954 Decrease in stocks Increase in debtors (Decrease) / increase [ܙY]ܜBBL BB BBB K BBB M BL BBBJ K MBBH  “]\[H\][X]]Y\BBB NBB  HXۘ[X][ۈو[ݙ[Y[[]XBBBB ML MBBBBp&L p&L [ܙX\H XܙX\JH[\BBBB[ܙX\JH XܙX\H[][ۈܝ ]\H[BBBK MB BB MBK LBBBBBMBK L‘[[HX\H\^[Y[ \ BBBBB\^[Y[و[\HBBB\YHو[\HBBB^[Y[و[\H[\YHBBBB[\H[\YH[[ܝ\][ۈ ۋX\ BBBBB]]HX[Y[\YH[[ܝ\][ۈ ۋX\ BBBBB\^[Y[و\YY[XXHX[\H \ BBBBB[ݙ[Y[ۈ[^ [[YX ۋX\ BBBBBB L B BBM BB JBBMJBB%B BB ¸%%% LBMJBŠ K JB[ܙX\JH YX[ۈ[]X[HYX\BBBB]XYܝ\BBBB M BB K MBB K MB]X\YYܝ\BBBB N L BB K MBH[[\\و]XBBBB[[H]BBBB[[H]BBH\[BX]Z\][ۜBBۋP\BHX\BB MBH[\[B\B[ݙ[Y[B MBp&L H0&L H0 H0 H0&L \][[[[BB][ۈܝ ]\H[B LBB%BB%B LB BB%B%BL LB BBH LBH H H8%MK LB\YY[XXHX[\HBB K LBB%B%B%B K LB[^ [[YX ]و\YHBBB KM BB%B%B BB L B[\H[ ]و\YHBBB L K BB%B MJBB JBB LK  B]]HX[Y[[\ ]و\YHBBB M BB%B%BMJBB JB؛Y][ۜ[\[[HX\\[\K\\\H۝XBB JBB%BB%B LB]XBB K MBBB  BB LBB N L BۋX\[ݙ[Y[\\[[^][ۋ[[ܝ\][ۈو\YH[[ܝ\][ۈوH\[ [Z][Hۈ[^ [[YX H[YHو]X]Z[YXݙHY\HH[YH\Y܈ݙ[[\ܝ[\\و0KL  MN0K LK K[^ [[YX\Y܈ݙ[[\ܝ[\\\H[^Y[\[\X\[Xܙ[H]\XXHX[[[\H[YH\\[[[ܝ\Y [[›[[]]HX[Y[[\܈ݙ[[\ܝ[\\\H\ܝY][\[[YHYܙH\X\H[YHXݙH[Y\[X[[ܝ\Y˂N