Annual Report 2016 - Page 30

Annual Report 2016 STRATEGIC REPORT The Group carried out a range of CSR activities during the year, with specific focus on Health and Safety, biodiversity and charitable involvement. 11% reduction in RIDDOR incident rate “Training and development of our people continues to be at the forefront of all of our businesses.” Employees The Group considers the health, safety and wellbeing of its nearly 2,800 employees as central to our growth. We continue to invest in our people and aim to ensure that South Staffordshire Plc remains a safe and enjoyable Group to work for and to provide a good, inclusive, working environment for everyone. - Health and Safety The effective management of health, safety and wellbeing of our employees remains of paramount importance to the Group. Each business takes responsibility for the health and safety of all of its employees. A Group level Health and Safety Strategy Forum, led by the Group Chief Executive and supported by the Head of Health and Safety, continues to oversee activities in this important area of the business. Health and Safety monitoring and culture were two key themes that were reinforced during the year. These will be taken forward into 2016/17 by focusing on leadership, management reporting, workforce involvement, risk reduction and accident reduction. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet Several initiatives were undertaken during the year: • Management of Road Risks Committee established • Accident / incident database has been live for a year and has standardised the recording and reporting of accident and incident data across the whole Group. During 2016/17, hazard reporting will be included • A review of traffic management at the Group’s Green Lane head office • Reinforcement of the Health and Safety competent advice resource across the Group Effective leadership, commitment, worker engagement and a constant message have all helped return an excellent performance which saw all the 2015/16 Health and Safety milestones met or exceeded for the second year in succession. This is t