Annual Report 2016 - Page 27

Annual Report 2016 A new customer-centric approach to debt collection Northern Ireland Water (NIW), the sole provider of water and sewerage services in Northern Ireland, needed to reduce the amount of debt owed by its customer base, however a proportion of customers were not engaging with traditional office-based communication channels and collection strategies. Echo, which has provided end-to-end customer contact management for NIW since 2006, helped the company turn its traditional collections model on its head by creating a new approach and strategy to re-engage with the customer base. Echo will continue with the RapidXtra retail ready programme in order to successfully hit the Open Water go live dates for both shadow and full market opening. In addition, we remain committed to the continued investment in and development of RapidXtra in line with evolving markets and client needs. As the water market opens up to competition within the nonhousehold sector, Echo is well positioned to further expand and evolve its end-to-end retail managed service in line with the Open Water vision; supporting water companies to deliver customer service excellence to non-household customers through the deployment New field based Customer Liaison Officers (CLOs) were employed to travel to customer premises to discuss debt issues in person. With an appreciation that every case is different, Echo’s CLOs treat customers as individuals, taking into account their personal circumstances, listening and understanding in order to support the customer and reach an appropriate agreement. The success of this new of market leading billing software and supporting customer contact services. For wider markets and with regard to debt management services, Echo will continue to grow its end-to-end proposition and target deeper market penetration across a range of key industry sectors. For contact centre services, the focus continues to be on developing and delivering multi-channel value driven propositions for customers. customer-centric approach has led to the CLO team size being increased by 60%. The new approach has led to a 25% reduction in aged debt and 98.1% of billed revenue being collected. Customers are also more satisfied and CLO insight has helped inform and improve policy. “Echo is supporting its clients to deliver customer service excellence.” Echo will therefore continue to pursue opportunities to add new clients, expand the services provided to existing clients and identify and acquire businesses aligned with our strategy and which add value to our client base. 25