Annual Report 2016 - Page 20

Annual Report 2016 STRATEGIC REPORT 24/7 national Water Hygiene service offering “Our newly formed Rail division gained real momentum during the year.” are likely to attract higher profit margins than traditional leakage contracts. to grow its customer base outside of the Group, which is an area that we continue to target. OnSite OnSite Utility Services, which offers specialist wastewater services, including flow monitoring, sewer rehabilitation and CCTV surveys, experienced a slow start to the year as water companies finalised their spend profile for the first year of the new AMP cycle. With the second half of the year seeing an increase in activity, OnSite continues to focus upon growing its service capabilities outside of the traditional water sector, thereby reducing the impact of the AMP cycle, with a new Wastewater sales team now in place to deliver this plan. Both OnSite Specialist Maintenance (OSM) and Perco traded strongly, whilst embedding new management teams so as to allow for professional delivery of larger, more complex projects in future years. Our newly formed Rail division gained momentum throughout the year. This continues to perform very well and has recently secured a major framework with a Network Rail delivery partner. T H]\[[]\[ۈ\˜۝[YY\ܛH[ XY][][وY[]\٘X[ۈ[\\][[œۙ[][ۜ\XYBHY\Y\\وXH›X[HY[˂\[[H\X\\Y[\X\Y [[BܛX][ۈوH]X[Y[Y[X[H[H\HوB\[ۈ\YXHB\K\\Y[[ق[Y\X[۝YX\\\\œY[H\[\ܛ]][YB[[]\[ܙHٚ][B][\YX\H\[\\[œX\ٝ[[X\[Hۙ]\B[Y]ܚ]]Y]\X[ܙX]HHXH]ܛBYHٙH\[\۝[Y\‚NH\[[H\X\H[\\[\\]HY[[Yܘ]Y[۔]H[\]žYX\]\YY[BU]\YY[H\HX\]XY[ݚY\وY[ۙ[B۝\X\[]\YY[B\\\Y[ XZ[[[B[[YYX[ܚ]\]H\Z[]H]\X]Y[\XKHYH[Bو\Y\[Y[[]]ܚ]Y\\[\X][ۜ˜[H\[Y\ˈH\[\›ٙ\H \H^K ͍H^\˜HYX\][ۘ[[ؚ[H\XB\ܝYHH[ܙX\[\HقXKXH۝[YHš[\[Y]HYX\H\[\š\[\[Y[YH]T\[\X[Y[Y[\[KX [ۙ]H[ؚ[B][ۈ[\[Y[Y[\]žYX\[YۚYX[H[[B\][ۘ[YXY[H[™ܝ\ ]\[\Y[YB]H\[\[\ݙYۈ\YX\&\ٚ][[\[Y[[\\[K