Annual Report 2016 - Page 19

Annual Report 2016 was able to deliver 4% increases in turnover and 7% increases in profits from levels achieved in 2014/15. The division is now less reliant on the water industry five-year AMP cycle, with increased revenue now being generated outside of this sector, making the division even more resilient. Clean Water Services The Clean Water business includes two operating units – IWS M&E and Hydrosave, with a number of common clients across the two businesses. The M&E business has secured a major framework contract with Northumbrian Water in the Essex & Suffolk region, which is very positive. Throughout the year the business has also secured the Wessex Water framework and delivered the first phase of one of the UK’s largest UV clean water treatment processes for a regulated water company. The business is now targeting more technical projects that, in turn, demand high levels of technical input that are expected to generate higher profit margins than traditional work streams. Hydrosave carrying out maintenance at Heathrow Airport. Hydrosave had a very positive year and, more importantly, its best year within the ownership of SSI Services. The highlights of the year include the successful delivery of the Thames Water leakage contract that is set to continue, and the establishment of the Test Inspect Consult (TIC√) offering. This offering is a trading division within Hydrosave with a main focus to offer more technical services that “Hydrosave had its best year within the ownership of SSI Services.” 17