Annual Report 2016 - Page 13

Annual Report 2016 North West Cambridge Development South Staffs Water is working in partnership with the University of Cambridge to install two water supplies on the 150-hectare site, which will include 3,000 homes, 2,000 post-graduate student rooms, a supermarket, hotel and primary school, as well as other community facilities. Rainfall will be harvested from across the site and stored in a series of specially designed lakes, where it will then be naturally filtered through reed beds. The water will then be We have also now established an independent Water Customer Panel to monitor and actively challenge how we perform. The Panel has an independent Chair, Simon Sperryn, who has proceeded to recruit further members and together they comprise a strong and balanced team. We are confident they will challenge the robustness of our customer engagement activity and our performance as a business in the communities we serve. Greater choice and flexibility will be met by continued development of our digital offering to customers. Our new website now offers online account management 24 hours a day to respond to changes in lifestyles. This has been underpinned with planned improvements in our use of technology in our customer contact centre and live visibility of operational activity and supply issues. re-filtered, sterilised by UV and dosed with chlorine, before being used for toilet flushing, clothes washing and outdoor use. A second supply is also being installed to deliver high quality potable water for drinking, cooking and bathing. The average potable water consumption on the site should be around 80 litres per person per day - almost half of the UK average. The site has already been highly commended in the Built Environment Category of Waterwise’s UK Water Efficiency Award. We remain committed to investing in the training and development of all of our front line staff, in the contact centre and out in the field, to ensure we deliver a seamless experience of first time resolution of customer issues wherever possible. Connecting with our communities We want to make a positive difference and develop strong and lasting partnerships with the communities we live and wor [YYX][ۈX]]\\YH[YXY[K[[[˜[]\]H[\]XH\ܝ X]H[][]H[Y[Y[[]X]]\[Y[[YX][ۂܘ[[YK[]\]HڙX˜[\[\YYH[Y\[œ[YK[Z[H[]\]X\ ^\و\ܝ[\[][]Y\˂'H\B[Z]Yš[\[[BZ[[[][Y[و[و\۝[HY[\BHX[[\™^\Y[H܂H\Y\'BLB