Annual Report 2016 - Page 11

Annual Report 2016 We have successfully transferred all Cambridge region customers to the same billing system as the South Staffs region, providing a platform for further long-term sustainable efficiencies and improvements in customer service. This change also supports the business’ digital shift strategy to change how we communicate with and provide more choice to customers now and in the future, underpinned by the new South Staffs Water website launched during the year. We have worked hard to deliver an improved performance against the new SIM measures, Ofwat’s score of customer experience. We aspire to be in the upper quartile for the period and are pleased to report that our first year’s results are consistent with this aspiration; a performance which we feel recognises the importance the business places on this measure. A slow start in the year meant that we didn’t meet our community engagement target of 400 days of employee volunteering. However, momentum gathered throughout the year with activities ranging from charity fundraising and helping out with a community garden to clearing a brook and painting of community facilities, totalling over 250 days of support in our communities. Overall, we have ended the year in a strong position with good performance against most ODIs and