Annual Report 2015 - Page 39

looking ahead recognition that lower risk matters won’t need this same with peer assessors. A comprehensive evaluation will level of intensity. accompany the launch of these new tools to ensure To be good at controlling risk in the long-term operational efficiency and to assess the impact of means that we can spot emerging problems early assessment on physician practice improvement. and suppress them before they do harm. It takes a We are also participating in a pan-Canadian considerable amount of analytic vigilance to be good initiative to understand the factors associated with at this and not surprisingly, Sparrow recommends that good physician practice. The “Physician Factors” regulators act more like epidemiologists, and enlist initiative, in collaboration with the Federation of relevant partners who can help spot Medical Regulatory Authorities concerning trends. of Canada and other provincial I look forward to telling you medical regulatory authorities, more about our risk mitigation will develop consistent evidence We will continue approaches in in future issues of to enable greater effectiveness and Dialogue. efficiency for physician assessment to advance programming across the country. evidence-based ***** With our analytic capacity, the approaches to As you will have read in CPSO is a key contributor to this programming, this annual report, we’ve taken body of knowledge, which will be decision-making significant steps in making more disseminated over the next year. and assessment. information available to the public Many medical education about physicians. initiatives across the College are Our focus over the next year also underway and will continue, will be to take a deeper look at how including the creation of a framework information about physicians is made available. This will to understand the constructs and effectiveness of involve a review of our website to ensure that information educational decision-making by CPSO committees, is clear, easy to find and helpful to the public. an initiative to understand the educational needs As well, we want to improve and expand on the of physicians in Ontario, and the integration of the information we provide about the workings of the CanMeds Framework into CPSO programs. College, its processes and decision-making, so that what And lastly, work on our data and information we do is more transparent. management strategy has just begun, with a mandate to In the coming months, we will also continue to create a principled approach to data collection and data advance evidence-based approaches to programming, analysis at CPSO. The data strategy will take shape over decision-making and assessment. We look forward to the next few months and will be in full swing in 2017. the launch of new CPSO peer assessment tools and I look forward to bringing you updates about each of protocols which have been designed in collaboration these initiatives throughout the next year. “ ” Annual Report 2015 39