Annual Report 2015 - Page 32

engaging O ur efforts are more fully realized when we make use of the collective knowledge and wisdom of all our stakeholders – the public, the profession, the government and health-care organizations. What You Tell Us Matters One of the College’s roles is to provide guidance to physicians on matters that relate to their practice. The development of relevant, reasonable policy is one of the ways that we provide this guidance. We work hard to ensure that our policies are evidence-based, fulfill the College’s public interest mandate, and provide clear, useful guidance to the profession and public. We have a robust process that begins with a comprehensive research and jurisdiction review, and involves a thorough analysis of the issues and the legislative ramifications. And then we find out what you think. To that end, we hold consultations. Consultations continue to be a key element of the policy development and review process, and we strive to ensure continuous evaluation and improvement of this process. Improvements to the process have yielded greater engagement with the public, profession, and stakeholder organizations. In fact, the number of responses to policy consultations increased from 8,375 in 2014 to 10,694 in 2015. Through our consultation process, we continue to strive to achieve the twin goals of: 1) making our processes more user-friendly, with a view to increasing stakeholder participation, and 2) increasing transparency. 2015 Policy Consultations Written Survey Total Professional Obligations and Human Rights 7327 1665 8992 Planning for and Providing Quality End-of-Life Care 288 354 642 Consent to Treatment 30 34 64 Treating Self and Family Members 38 46 84 Sexual Abuse Principles 18 15 33 Ending the Physician-Patient Relationship 27 33 60 Accepting New Patients 58 47 105 Block Fees and Uninsured Services 44 72 116 Rights and Responsibilities 95 43 138 Blood Borne Viruses 13 29 42 Interim Guidance on Physician-Assisted Death 116 275 391 Physician Behaviour in the Professional Environment 10 17 27 TOTALS 8064 2630 10694 This table only includes feedback provided in the 2015 calendar year. 32 COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS OF ONTARIO