Annual Report 2015 - Page 3

President’s Message Dr. Carol Leet, President 2015 photo: D.W.Dorken E mpowerment. That is the word that I think best describes how this College demonstrated its commitment to the public interest in 2015. Throughout the year, we found ways to empower members of the public in a number of different ways – by providing more information to enable informed decision-making; by requesting an expansion of the opportunities for their voices to be heard; and by protecting their right to access health-care. Our desire and commitment to be transparent – and therefore accountable – included making available and accessible multiple kinds of information: about individual physicians, about facilities, and about CPSO processes and their outcomes. I am proud to say that transparency will continue to be central to all of our activities. In 2015, we continued our ground-breaking work to protect and support patients from the sexual abuse of physicians. For example, we proposed a number of amendments to the legislation. One of our requests, if accepted, will provide more opportunities for a patient’s own voice to be heard within the College’s investigations and discipline process. Specifically, we want to expand Annual Report 2015 3