Annual Report 2015 - Page 29

Protecting and eMpowering Transparency by Numbers *ICRC outcomes under the new Transparency Framework since June 2015. Total ICRC Outcome Not Public Public No Action 854 Advice/Recommendation 380 Remedial Agreement 69 Caution in Person (2014 cases) 47 SCERP (2014 cases) 26 Caution in Person (2015 cases) 37 SCERP (2015 cases) 21 Moderate Risk Undertaking 43 Undertaking to Restrict Practice 1 Undertaking to Resign 3 Referral to Discipline 97 Interim Orders 6 No/Minimal Risk Low Risk Moderate Risk High RIsk *The numbers in the charts on page 23 are not reconcilable to the numbers in the above chart. The tables on page 23 reflect the numbers of decisions issued by the ICRC that resulted from an investigation that closed in 2015. However, the transparency initiative impacts all ICRC decisions, not only those resulting from investigations. For example, the Compliance Monitoring and Supervision unit can take matters to the ICRC when there is a potential breach of an agreement (e.g. discipline order or undertaking) and the ICRC can direct the unit to negotiate a new undertaking with the member or they can refer this member to discipline. This occurs without a new investigation being opened. The tables on page 23 do not reflect these cases. Timeline of Information added to the CPSO Public Register 2013 2014 2015 • Medical Records Location • Criminal Convictions • Criminal Charges • Notices of Hearing • Bail Conditions • Cautions • Hearing Status • Illegal Practitioners • SCERPs (specified continuing education or remediation program) • Reinstatement Decisions • Outcome/Status of Out-of-Hospital Premises Inspections • Licences and Discipline Findings – Other Jurisdictions • Undertakings Annual Report 2015 29