Annual Report 2015 - Page 28

Protecting and eMpowering Decision Tree for ICRC’s Consideration of Clinical Cases Does the investigation show any risk that the Committee needs to address? No/Minimal Risk Low Risk Moderate Risk High RIsk NO YES Outcome: No Action Will advice to the physician suffice to address identified issues? Not Public NO YES Does the physician only need self-directed education to improve practice? Outcome: Advice/Recommendations Not Public NO YES Physician agrees to undergo education and be reassessed Will supervision of some aspect of the physician’s practice address the issue? Outcome: Remedial Agreement NO YES Will practice restrictions address identified issues? Is the physician cooperative and willing to engage? Not Public NO YES NO YES Outcome: Undertaking to Resign or Discipline Hearing Outcome: Undertaking with Restrictions and/or Caution Outcome: SCERP and/or Caution Outcome: Voluntary Undertaking and/or Caution Public Public Public 28 Public COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS OF ONTARIO