Annual Report 2015 - Page 22

Protecting and eMpowering Investigation Caseload 4,450 811 Intake/Public Complains • New Public Complaint Investigations increased by 2% from 2014. Registrar’s Investigations • New Registrar’s Investigations decreased by 1% from 2014. mology testing; • narcotic prescribing; • pathology and radiology practices; and • capacity investigations where issue is dementia. Systems issues which arise in the course of investigations continue to be identified and tracked by the Committee. Examples of systems issues that the Committee noted over the past year included: • resource  issues (e.g., hospital funding, equipment and staffing shortages); • resident supervision; and • e lectronic medical records in clinics and hospitals. • New Incapacity Investigations decreased by 15% from 2014. What does the ICRC consider when reviewing an investigation? 22 126 Incapacity Investigations • facts of the case; • number and seriousness of care and/or conduct concerns at issue; • standard of care expected of practitioners; • whether the physician is practising within his or her area of expertise; • physician’s response to the investigation; • insight; self-identification of areas for improvement and changes to practice; • physician’s apparent capacity for remediation; • physician’s investigative and disciplinary history; • expert opinions obtained in the course of the investigation; and • other documentary and witness information. COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS OF ONTARIO