Annual Report 2015 - Page 20

Protecting and eMpowering Improving Our Own Processes 20 1 Make more accessible the information and resources on our website about sexual abuse. This includes developing an educational brochure that encourages patients to come forward with complaints about sexual abuse and provides information about the College’s investigation and discipline processes. We have also set general rights and responsibilities for both patients and physicians during medical encounters. The document specifically address sexual abuse and boundary issues by outlining what to expect during a physical or intimate exam. 2 Establish a specialized Inquires, Complaints and Reports panel (which oversees investigations) to enhance consistency in obtaining penalty and settlement instructions. 3 Determine through policy when information-sharing with the police may be appropriate. 4 Establish a framework for guiding decisions to accept or order gender-based restrictions on a physician’s certificate. 5 Adopt a framework for training and education that focuses on maintaining appropriate physician-patient boundaries and preventing sexual abuse. This framework will set out educational opportunities for a wide range of audiences/ learners (i.e., physicians, medical trainees, College staff, Council and committee members, and the public). COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS OF ONTARIO