Annual Report 2015 - Page 19

Protecting and eMpowering Enhance the College’s ability to make its investigations/prosecutions for sexual misconduct more effective and efficient 4 Provide the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee with the power to re­open certain investigations into sexual abuse, sexual impropriety or prescribed professional misconduct. 5  ake explicit the Discipline Committee’s authority to require that mandatory M revocation take effect immediately upon a finding of sexual abuse rather than waiting for a penalty hearing. 6 Give the Discipline Committee the power to specify a minimum period of time that must pass prior to an application for reinstatement. 7 Require RHPA Colleges to file periodic reports with the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care on sexual abuse. 8 Give the College the discretion to provide information to police about non-members. Provide maximum respect and support for patients 9 I ncrease the threshold for when third party records are ordered to be produced and guarantee standing to patient/complainant on motions to disclose confidential records. 10 Expand the circumstances when abused patients have a right to file victim impact statements. 11 Enhance the funding for therapy/counselling program administered by the Patient Relations Committee to better support patients who have been sexually abused. Annual Report 2015 19