Annual Report 2015 - Page 16

improving Facility Based Assessments 199 IHF 67 OHP 266 total Independent Health Facilities Outcomes 3% Licensing Action Required by MOHLTC 97% Satisfactory Assessment Out of Hospital Assessment Outcomes 3% Fail 24% 34% Deferred Pass 39% Pass with Conditions 16 delivering services in Ontario including but not limited to diagnostic imaging, sleep medicine, and non-cosmetic insured plastic surgery. Out-of-Hospital Premises (OHPs) Our involvement in facilities regulation expanded in 2010 with the development of the Out-of-Hospital Premises Inspection Program (OHPIP), which was created to regulate another subset of facilities, namely, out-of-hospital premises (OHPs) providing health services under specified types of anesthesia and sedation. The College sought to develop this program to address a significant threat to patient safety as we came to learn of facilities that were providing uninsured, complex surgical interventions for cosmetic purposes, but that were not captured under any other form of oversight. The College is wholly responsible for this program, developing the standards and tools for assessment, making decisions about facility outcomes, enforcing these outcomes, and posting these outcomes on our public register. Currently there are 292 OHPs operating in Ontario, providing services including, but not limited to, pain management, plastic surgery, and endoscopy. The Quality Management Partnership The College’s role in assuring the safety and quality of facilities continues to grow in scope. In March 2013, the Ministry announced a formal partnership between the College and Cancer Care Ontario: the Quality Management Partnership. Over the last two years, the Partnership has designed quality management programs that would ensure consistent quality of colonoscopy, mammography and pathology services for patients in whatever setting the services are provided (e.g., community, hospital). The Partnership now has the mandate to implement these changes. The programs include common facility standards, reports for both physicians and facilities, and supports for improvement. COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS OF ONTARIO