Annual Report 2014 - Page 7

Dr. Julie Caron celebrates her achievement at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine Convocation. Registering Licensing qualified, competent and ethical physicians W e rely on physicians when we are at our most vulnerable. Because we trust doctors with our lives, it is crucial that they are competent to practise medicine. It is a core responsibility of this College to ensure that only qualified, competent and ethical physicians are licensed in this province. As part of our review, we look at an applicant’s education, training and experience. We also ensure there are no concerns about behaviour, health or performance that could prevent the physician from safely caring for the public. When a physician applies to the College for registration, the Registrar has the following two options: 1. Register the applicant; or 2. Refer the application to the Registration Committee for its consideration. The referral to the Registration Committee may be made for the following reasons: • The applicant does not fulfill the registration requirements (examinations) set out in the Regulation; or • The Registrar has doubts on reasonable grounds whether the applicant fulfills the nonexemptible requirements in the Regulation (requirements that pertain to conduct, character and competence). The Registration Committee is guided by the strategic direction established by Council and is committed to reducing barriers to registration for qualified individuals by adopting registration policies that are fair and objective. The Committee is unwavering in its commitment, however, that high registration standards be maintained. Annual Report 2014 5