Annual Report 2014 - Page 33

Top 5 Policies Visited On The Website Visits/Month Medical Records 3442 Accepting New Patients 1592 Confidentiality of Personal Health Information 1586 Mandatory and Permissive Reporting 1128 Consent to Medical Treatment 1092 2014 Website Statistics + 2.1 million unique visitors + 8 million visits + 46.7 million page views Sharing Information Through Social Media Social media tools (namely, Facebook and Twitter) are now used routinely to promote policy consultations to help us reach a broader audience. We continue to use our social media tools to provide help in real time to doctors, members of the public, and organizations who are looking for information or assistance. Members of the public and the profession are also encouraged to use Facebook and Twitter to ask questions about various aspects of the College, including how to file a complaint, become a Peer Assessor or find information on policies. Government Engagement As regulator and public protector, the College works with government decision-makers to inform policy development and legislative changes. College authority is set out in provincial legislation and the College makes submissions concerning legislation and regulations to ensure patient protection and the currency and effectiveness of our governing legislation. We also respond to legislation that has implications for medical regulation and patient protection, and are active participants in the legislative process. The College closely followed and made submissions on a number of legislative initiatives in 2014. Of greatest interest to the College was Bill 21, Safeguarding Health Care Integrity Act, 2014. This Bill responded to four of the highest priority legislative change requests that the College has made in recent years. These included better information sharing with public health and hospitals, enhanced mandatory reporting to health colleges, and the ability to focus college investigations on serious complaints (discretion). The College made a sustained effort to further improve the changes laid out in Bill 21. Further amendments to the mandatory reporting sections of the Bill were passed. On The Horizon • We are putting in place recommendations to improve the accessibility and intuitiveness of our website. • Throughout 2015, we will continue to develop more educational modules on professionalism topics for undergraduates. Annual Report 2014 31