Annual Report 2014 - Page 32

“ We work hard to ensure that our policies are evidence-based, fulfill our public interest mandate, and provide clear, useful guidance. ” a thorough analysis of the issues and the legislative ramifications. And then, we set about finding out what you think. Through our consultation process, we strive to achieve the twin goals of:  aking our processes more user-friendly, with a view to increasm ing stakeholder participation, and increasing transparency. Consultation feedback is an important component of the College’s development and review processes. Efforts to improve our consultation process over the past few years have yielded greater engagement with the public, profession, and stakeholder organizations. All stakeholder feedback continues to be posted online, making the consultation process more transparent, and enabling participants to view the comments of others. We use online surveys as a way to garner feedback on our proposals and regularly undertake public opinion polling to ensure that Council has a clear understanding of public views and perspectives regarding College policy issues. In 2014, we conducted public research on the following issues: Marijuana for Medical Purposes, Physicians’ Relationships with Industry, and Professional Obligations and Human Rights policies. An overview of the policy consultations undertaken in 2014, together with the number of responses, are captured below. 2014 Policy Consultations Written Survey Total Providing Physician Services During Job Actions 14 6 20 Telemedicine 42 51 93 Physicians’ Relationships with Industry 117 201 318 Marijuana for Medical Purposes 323 242 565 2 5 7 10 7 17 2403 4536 6939 Blood Borne Pathogens (Prelim) 62 119 181 Physician Behaviour in the Professional Environment (Prelim) 74 161 235 3047 5328 8375 Consent to Treatment Providing for and Planning Quality End of Life Care Professional Obligations and Human Rights TOTALS 30 COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS OF ONTARIO