Annual Report 2014 - Page 29

Engaging Finding new ways to communicate and advocate P eople want to participate in the decisions that affect them. This makes sense. After all, if people have a voice in the matters that impact them – whether it is decisions about their medical treatment, or the development of policy that affects their medical practice – there will be a stronger sense of investment in the process or outcome. In fact, we believe our efforts are more fully realized when we tap into the collective knowledge and wisdom of all our stakeholders – the public, the profession, the government and health-care organizations. When all the players in the system are involved in change, the resulting action will be more successful and lasting. What You Tell Us Matters Patient views and experiences with respect to College processes and practices is a very valuable source of information in terms of evaluating our performance. To find out how we can do better, a brief survey was developed for complainants who have been involved in our investigative and/ or discipline processes. The survey was conducted to assess their satisfaction levels with College processes and to accordingly identify possible areas for improvement and enhancement. Specifically, we were looking for feedback about various factors, including: Annual Report 2014 27