Annual Report 2014 - Page 23

discussion as we move forward – such as looking at how to make the information on our website more accessible to non-Englishspeaking patients, exploring opportunities to expand the education of trainees, physicians, College staff, and our committee members, and finding ways to optimize our committee decision-making. We are also re-assessing our practice of imposing gender-based restrictions on a physician’s certificate of registration. The conversation will begin with an external consultation on draft principles that articulate the College’s approach to sexual abuse matters. The content is informed by the College’s mandate, the principles set out in the College’s current policy on Maintaining Appropriate Boundaries and Preventing Sexual Abuse, and previous Council discussions. Investigations Sometimes, the College will receive information that raises possible concerns with a physician’s care or behaviour. A duty of medical regulation is to investigate such concerns. The Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee (ICRC) investigates all concerns into physician care, conduct, and capacity. This includes public complaint investigations, broader practice (Registrar’s) investigations, and incapacity investigations. Registrar’s investigations and incapacity investigations remain small in numbers proportional to public complaints (please see chart below). They are, however, often more intricate than most patientinitiated complaints, which require looking at that patient’s medical record and relevant information related to the patient’s (complainant’s) concerns. Registrar’s investigations include a review of charts by an external assessor, interviews, and, sometimes, observation. Incapacity investigations include various types of external health assessments, interviews, and review of records. New Matters (Investigations) 2013   New Matters 2014 N 3,497 % 100% N 3,520 % 100% 859 25% 695 20% 2,294 66% 2,361 67% Registrar’s Investigations 280 8% 380 11% Incapacity Investigations 64 2% 84 2% Intake Public Complaints As of December 31st, 2014 Annual Report 2014 21