Annual Report 2014 - Page 18

The Quality Management Partnership Consistent with the College’s strategic priority of ensuring physician competence via our physician assessment program and oversight of clinics, we continued to work within the Quality Management Partnership (QMP) to develop a provincial quality management program in mammography, colonoscopy and pathology. The QMP is a joint effort of this College and Cancer Care Ontario. This provincial quality framework will set integrated performance standards at the provider, facility and system levels to ensure consistent quality across the entire system, from hospital to community. The program was put forward as part of the Ministry of Health’s commitment to shaping a patient-centred quality culture, and is framed as part of the Ministry’s Patients First Action Plan. Mr. Wade Hillier, director of the College’s Quality Management Division, explained why this initiative is necessary. “Across the province there are no consistent approaches to define and measure the quality of these types of services. The partnership’s aim is to bring a level of consistency so that patients, regardless of where they go in the province to receive any of these three services, will be able to have a similar quality experience.” In 2014, the work focused on a report designing the core critical components to establish Quality Management Programs in each of the three service areas. The report was submitted to the MOHLTC in March 2015 for approval while ongoing design of the programs has continued. Objectives I ncrease the quality of care and improve patient safety Increase the consistency in the quality of care provided across facilities Improve public confidence by increasing accountability and transparency On The Horizon We await Ministry approval of the design and recommendations in the QMP’s Phase 2 report. In the meantime, foundational elements are being designed for full implementation once the Ministry has signalled its approval. 16 COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS OF ONTARIO